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4 Family-Friendly Activities to Do in Your Boat

Boating is as awesome as the sun coming up on a clear sky on the first day of vacation. That’s a great illustration because, on a boat, no matter what you do, it feels exactly like that: like you’re on vacation.  The last thing you want to do on vacation is waste any time, so […]

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Boat

It’s a hard question to navigate. Since boats are memory-making machines, it’s easy to get emotionally attached to them and even become irrational about making the decision to light the torch on their Viking funeral, if you will. But when it’s time, it’s time, and there’s no turning back the clock. To help make the […]

Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Boat

For any decision in life, there are procedures, are there not? One doesn’t pop the question on the first date (not always), and one certainly doesn’t just buy any boat without proper consideration and due diligence. Of course, this is supposed to be fun, but before we can have dessert, we must eat our vegetables. […]

5 Best Spots For Sightseeing In Florida From Your Boat

The Sunshine State, famous for its endless beaches and ideal weather, is a favorite destination for boaters who love exploring Florida’s coastlines and their hidden gems. Regardless of what part of the state you decide to set your anchor in, there is always so much to see, learn, and enjoy when out on your boat. […]

5 Important Facts For First-Time Boat Owners

Becoming a boat owner is a very big milestone in one’s life and involves a major investment and decision-making process. When purchasing a boat, there are a lot of things to consider – your budget, your usage and requirements, as well as storage options and financing plans being some of the main aspects that will […]

How To Properly Launch Your Boat From A Launch Ramp

One of the steps involved in becoming a first-time boat owner is being able to master the process of launching a boat properly. Although it might seem a bit intimidating at first, don’t worry too much – every boater knows you need a little practice before you become perfect at it. Here are some step-by-step […]

How To Celebrate Any Occasion on Your Boat 

Special occasions require a little extra celebration and if you happen to own a boat, there are so many ways to make your event unique and memorable. Whether it’s your own birthday party you are planning or an anniversary with a special someone, your boat can be the perfect setting to help you create an […]

5 Things You Need to Have the Ultimate Boat Day

With the Spring season setting in, most of us find ourselves quite comfortable saying goodbye to a cold winter and have already started enjoying the warm sunshine and light breeze around us. It’s an ideal time to be outdoors, especially if you own a boat. Whether you are planning your first solo boat trip of […]