If you’re like many holiday shoppers, you probably like to do some research on reviews and ratings before bringing home the perfect gift – whether it’s a new TV or comfy sweater. The same principle applies to boat shoppers all year long!

For those considering a new Grady-White, there are plenty of fans online sharing exactly what they love about this one-of-a-kind boating brand. Learn from those who know best, our Grady-White family, and take a look below to see what they’re saying.

From Ryan Fitz, who loves Grady-White’s comprehensive cruising experience :

Grady-White is hands-down the best boat company in the world. From the experience at my dealer, to visiting the factory to see our boat being built, to taking delivery. I had very high expectations and ever one of them were met. You will not be disappointed if you buy a Grady-White boat!

From Vernon Martinez, a Grady-White fan for life:

This is my third Grady-White purchase, and that should say something! The overall quality and performance is second to none. Grady stands behind their products 150%. No question! Their dealer network is top notch as well. From sales to service, everyone is knowledgeable and professional. I’ve looked at many options but always go back to the Grady-White!

From Andreas Helmers Olsen, who loves how Grady-White lends itself to safe, splashing fun in all kinds of environments:

With the pandemic and travel reduced, we decided to get a boat as a safe recreation option. We immediately fell in love with our Fisherman 216, from the layout and hull design to the smooth ride on the water. We enjoy being able to go from serious drum fishing to a summer sunset cruise. Our boat has traveled from creeks to offshore waters and handled it all in great form.

The cruising pros can’t get enough Grady-White, either! Check out this entertaining article about the sportfishing luxury of the Grady-White Express 370, or learn more about the Grady-White Marlin 300 from NZ Fishing News.

We hope today’s roundup gives you the info (and inspo) needed to bring home a Grady-White of your very own! For more assistance in finding your perfect ride, or servicing your current vessel, the Mariner Marine team is happy to help. Call or visit us today to learn more.

As the kids head back to school, we’re also thinking of the schools of fish beneath the surface—and all the fresh catches that await! The switch from summer to fall here in South Florida is characterized by ample angling opportunities. Take a look below to learn more about what’s biting.


Cobia like to spend fall and winter here in South Florida. Can you blame them?

This species is a serious fighter, with a slender, sturdy frame that can often be confused for that of a shark! Bring some heavy tackle and look for cobia closer to shore than you might for other sportfish, especially during the cooler months.


The sailfish is, famously, associated with the angling and cruising community of Stuart (a.k.a. the Sailfish Capital of the World). While this masterful swimmer can be caught virtually all year long, the early fall months of September, October and November see a spike in sailfish fishing opportunities. Use this to your advantage! What’s known as the time of pumpkins and ghost stories for those back on land may just turn out to be your personal best sportfishing season yet. Angling tip: Trolling with a small ballyhoo is a great way to go.


Built like a torpedo, with some seriously flashy, iridescent stripes, the wahoo makes for a proud, photo-worthy catch—but it’ll put up a fight first! One of the ocean’s fast swimmers, wahoo calls for a deep, fast trolling technique and some fancy footwork to keep your balance on board. (Fortunately, Grady-Whites are built for adventures and tests of strength like these!)

Blackfin tuna

Chumming with smaller baitfish is a great go-to for catching blackfin tuna, known for its dark dorsal fin and penchant for hanging out in tropical waters—there’s a reason blackfin tuna is nicknamed “Bermuda Tuna!”


Spotted by their trademark, beautiful blue coloring, bonito (part of the tuna family) are on the smaller side of sportfish out there—but we love catching them all the same, thanks to their fighting spirit, unique look and ability to surprise even seasoned anglers. Did you know that the state record for bonito is a whopping 27 pounds?

We hope that today’s guide helps inform your fishing fun ahead! Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive. If you’re searching for Grady-White boats for sale in South Florida that will help you get closer to the big catch, Mariner Marine is here to help. Call or visit us today to get started on the search for your ideal ride.

Your Grady-White provides the most comfortable way to cruise, fish and unwind in style—but did you know that it’s just as perfect at providing a glimpse beneath the surface, too? If you’re looking for ways to switch up your on-the-water routine, we can’t recommend snorkeling enough! Read on for a few fun ways to explore.

Pick your perfect snorkeling destination

South Florida is filled with beautiful places to embark upon a snorkeling adventure (to no one’s surprise). The best spot will feature shallow, clear water where you can safely disembark and get an unobscured view of the marine life beneath the surface! A few of our favorite destinations that fit the bill include beautiful Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys, and John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, conveniently nestled in North Palm Beach.

Choose the ideal boat for snorkeling fun

You don’t need a special boat to enjoy snorkeling with your family! “Have boat, will snorkel,” after all.

However, if you find yourself searching for a new boat and want a versatile ride that’s built for all your favorite activities—snorkeling included—be sure to visit Mariner Marine! We have the best selection of Grady-White boats for sale in South Florida, including models like the 2021 Grady-White 375 Freedom. This latest boat is built for fishing, family fun and beyond! Plus, a convenient side dive door allows effortless access in and out of the water for snorkeling success.

Safety first

Safety comes first on the water—including beneath the surface! Slather on the sunscreen (look for bottles marked “reef-safe,” which are specially formulated to avoid damaging marine life), turn off your boat before getting in the water and bring along a diving flag to let fellow boaters know you’re nearby!

Look, but don’t touch

Unlike fighting to land a big catch, or riding a thrilling wake, snorkeling is one of those water activities that doesn’t require much hands-on action or coordination. In fact, all you need to do is gently swim through the marine environment, admiring (but never touching) the coral and colorful sea animals you discover! (This tip is as much about the environment’s safety as your own, as you will also be avoiding potentially sharp rocks and other dangerous formations as well.)

Learn more after your snorkeling escape

Snorkeling is best experienced with wide eyes and a curious spirit for adventure! But once you head back ashore, be sure to follow up on your adventure by learning more about the plants and animals you spotted underwater. For families especially, this is a great opportunity to encourage learning through experience.

We hope that these tips help you craft a splashing start to your snorkeling adventure! Be sure to call or visit Mariner Marine today to find a beautiful Grady-White that’s up to the task at hand—or to simply help your current ride look and run its best. We’re here to help you enjoy your cruising lifestyle to the fullest.

Bringing home a new Grady-White is an exciting moment! But next comes the big question—what will you name yours? After all, the right boat name can set you apart from others on the water, all while helping define your cruising personality in a memorable way.

As a local leader in Grady-White boats for sale in South Florida, we here at Mariner Marine have seen countless boats sold and serviced with fun, silly and inspiring names! Read on to see a fee of our top tips for naming your new boat.

Keep it simple

Before we jump into the world of fun boat names to choose from (and there are many!), it is worth remembering that the overall function of your boat’s name is to help you—and others—identify your ride on the water, in case of emergency or even everyday communications. With that being said, aim for a name that is relatively short, simple and easy to say.

Pay homage to a favorite song, film or book…

Your boat is an extension of your personality, and it’s the perfect place to show off your love of pop culture, too! Pay homage to a favorite song, film, book or other media with a catchy boat name. A few of the best we’ve seen include…

  • Cheeseburger in Paradise
  • Pequod
  • Sea-3PO

… or your beloved furry friend

Many boaters like to name their new ride after a spouse or loved one—but we say, why not throw your furry friend into the mix, too? Pooch names like “Fido,” “Luna,” or even the old classic “Spot” are easy to remember and add an air of playfulness to your cruising adventure. Bonus points if your pet enjoys a good fishing trip just as much as you do!

Find inspiration in your dream destination

What is your favorite place to boat? Or, where do you dream of cruising to someday? Find inspiration in these places and use them to guide your name decision! Some of our favorite geographic boat names include “The Big Easy” or a homegrown go-to, “Sunshine State of Mind.”

Play with language

It’s no secret that many boat owners like to get punny with their boat names! Timeless classics like “Seas the Day,” “Fin and Tonic” or “Vitamin Sea” are all sure to garner a laugh. You can also borrow from other languages to form a boat name that’s as beautiful as it is meaningful—think “Carpe Diem” or even “Mahi-Mahi” (meaning “very strong” in Hawaiian, this one works doubly well as a descriptor for your boat and a nod to your favorite tropical fish!).

We hope that these ideas help make the process of naming your new Grady-White just a little bit easier! Have the perfect name in mind, and just need the boat to match? We here at Mariner Marine are here to help. Call or visit us today to begin the search for your dream family fishing boat.

Here in South Florida, we’re lucky to enjoy balmy temps and sunny skies all year long! However, at this time of year especially, it is important to show some extra TLC to your boat for maximum performance.

In addition to being the dealer of choice for Jupiter boats for sale, Mariner Marine also provides service, storage and repairs to boats of all shapes and sizes—and over the years, have learned a thing or two about how to best care for your ride! Here is some of our best advice for maintaining your boat this summertime.

Protect your boat from the sun’s rays

Just like you lather on the sunscreen before every great beach day or boating adventure, your boat needs some sun protection, too! You can help preserve your boat’s pristine gel coat and seats by covering your ride when not in use. And every once in a while, after washing your boat, you can add a marine-friendly wax to your boat’s exterior to help preserve the shine (and prevent the fade) even longer.

Rinse after every outing

Exploring the offshore this summer? There’s never been a better time to embark upon an ocean adventure, far removed from the hustle and bustle back on shore. Just be sure to rinse your boat with freshwater after any saltwater adventure, as the salt particles can build up and corrode your boat’s gel coat over time. (Plus, rinsing after hopping from ocean to lake and back again is just good practice for preventing the spread of invasive species.) Pair regular rinses with your normal wash routine for an effortless on-the-water experience.

Prepare for summer storms

Here in South Florida, we are no stranger to summer storms—both routine afternoon thunderstorms as well as tropical storms and hurricanes that brew offshore. Fortunately, you can still make plans today to secure your boat against whatever the weather may bring! Mariner Marine, for example, can provide you with storage options (and serious peace of mind) for storing your boat during dangerous weather, or any time when you need a safe, convenient place to keep your ride. Have a plan in place and prepare to remove items and accessories from your boat before a storm, or before storing it away. Equipped with these tips and the trusted service provided by Mariner Marine, your boat will be prepared for cruising fun this summer and all year long! Contact us today to learn more, schedule storage or find the boat of your dreams.

For more than 60 years and counting Grady-White has been providing family fishing fun to anglers across the globe—but what is it that sets these boats apart from the rest? Just read on to see three big ways Grady-White boats make a serious splash.

A foundation of fishing fun and environmental advocacy

Behind every Grady-White is a heritage of fishing fun and industry innovation. Not only was Grady-White the first major boat company to appoint a woman to the role of president (Kris Carroll), but the boating brand has also made a name for itself in terms of caring for the environment. In 2018, Carroll received the Foundation for Recreational Boating Safety, Education and Environmental Awareness’s 2018 Hammond Marine Industry Leadership Award for her efforts in the recreational boating industry; and Grady-White has consistently served as an advocate for conservation, waterways management and more.

The bottom line? Grady-White is as passionate about boating and beautiful destinations as you are! And that passion is built into every Grady-White boat on the water.

Details designed for unparalleled adventure

There is no fishing boat built quite like a Grady-White, with each model being specially designed to deliver the ultimate angler’s machine. Not only do dream features come standard on every boat, but Grady-White also boasts the cutting edge in patented designs such as their innovative three-position seating, rod storage slides, fold-down cockpit steps and much more. To own a Grady-White is to experience innovation every time you hit the water!

Commitment to your best boating experience

No boating brand has the same kind of camaraderie and community that Grady-White boaters enjoy! This is a social bunch, with plenty of opportunities to get involved. Here at Mariner Marine, for example, we sponsor the Gulfstream Grady Group for fun events, parties and trips around South Florida and the beautiful boating escape in our very backyard.

Plus, because Grady-White is committed to your boat’s longevity (and endless adventures to come), they take extra care in training dealers like Mariner Marine on how to best service your ride. It’s a confidence that makes your cruising adventures and fishing fun that much more relaxed.

Now that you know just a few of the big benefits that go into buying a Grady-White, bring one home for yourself! When you’re looking for Grady-White boats for sale in South Florida, Mariner Marine is here to provide the inventory, expertise and customer service you deserve. Call or visit us today to learn more.

Looking for ways to enjoy Fourth of July fun on the water? South Florida beaches may be closed, but there’s a world of cruising, fishing and family fun to discover from the comfort and safety of your Grady-White! Just read on for a few fun ideas.

Deck out your space

Fourth of July celebrations will look a little different this year—but even without a parade or fireworks event, you can still sport your spirit by decking out your Grady-White boat! String fabric red, white and blue streamers from your bow rail, for example, or lay out festive colors in the form of spare towels and cozy blankets for breezy ocean cruising.

Visit or learn about local landmarks

Fourth of July is the quintessential American holiday, and a large swatch of national history can be explored right here in the Sunshine State! There are many destinations to cruise by or learn about, such as…

  • Jupiter Inlet Light, the iconic red lighthouse just off the Jupiter Inlet (a popular cruising and fishing spot), doesn’t just look good. It once served as the Navy’s Radio Detection Finding Station, a.k.a. Station J, designed to intercept German submarine messages during World War II.
  • Miami Marine Stadium, now the popular boat show destination on Biscayne Bay, has been visited by a host of famous national figures, from presidents like Richard Nixon, to all-American artists like Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis, Jr. and more.
  • St. Augustine, a longer cruise up the coast but a worthwhile one. This charming coastal city is actually the oldest in all of America! Plus, you can still see slices of its historical roots from the water. The fishing and cruising here are amazing to boot.

Bring festive, boat-friendly snacks

For many of us, the Fourth of July is all about delicious food! Dig in with an on-board picnic for ultimate relaxation this Fourth of July weekend. Some of our favorite picks include red, white and blue fruit parfaits, watermelon-blueberry skewers, mason jar root beer floats and more.

Go fishing for offshore catches

Even during these times of social distancing, you may find the inshore scene a little crowded this Fourth of July weekend. If so, that’s okay—the offshore expanse is ready and waiting to be explored! Put on your lucky fishing hat and try for catches like sailfish, mahi and more. (Mariner’s tip: Keep your eye on the horizon for birds diving down into the water. These feathered friends may be unwittingly cluing you into the presence of small fish—and the larger catches that eat them—in the ocean below.)

Cruise safely

As always, be sure to prioritize safety and comfort on your Grady-White excursion! Slather on the sunscreen and reapply regularly to protect your skin from the sun, and be sure to fuel up adequately for your planned itinerary. Once these essential safety steps are accomplished, it’s smooth cruising from here.

We hope that these tips help you enjoy Fourth of July cruising to the fullest! Still looking for the perfect ride to call your own, for summer boating and beyond? Mariner Marine is here to help. Our wide selection of Grady-White boats has something for every kind of on-the-water style, so take a look and contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

A lush island, surrounded by sparkling tropical water and endless cruising potential, sounds like the dream escape for most boaters—but who says you can’t enjoy a slice of island living close to home? With your Grady-White in tow, you’re equipped to explore some of South Florida’s most enchanting on-the-water opportunities.

Just read for a few fun ideas to achieve breezy island living on board.

What’s in a name?

If you’re passionate about recreating the island experience on board—and infusing every outing with that sense of serene, sun-soaked adventure—then why not start with a boat name to reflect your island attitude? Some of our favorites include “Calypso,” “Vitamin Sea,” “Aloha” or a classic “Island Time,” to name just a few.

Curate your perfect “island time” playlist

The ambient sounds of crashing waves and gentle breezes are, of course, soundtrack enough for many boaters keen to enjoy the island lifestyle—but if you’d like to take things a step further, and truly immerse yourself into the island mindset, you can’t go wrong with a personal playlist! You can opt for calypso music inspired by the culture of your favorite island getaway, or songs about savoring the island lifestyle wherever you are: For this, old favorites like Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise” come to mind, as do “Margaritaville,” or Zac Brown Band’s “Toes.”

Fish for tropical catches

Fishing is a fun pastime for boaters—and a way of life on all of your favorite islands. Get a literal taste of your dream island escape by angling for catches like mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna, snapper and more, each as vibrant as the landscape of the tropical islands themselves. You can even grill them up at home for a flavorful treat, made especially easy with a Grady-White built-in fishing box.

Explore a local sandbar…

All along South Florida’s beautiful beaches, you will discover landscapes that remind you of the remote islands you dream about. One such landscape is the sandbar! These stretches of shallow water, easily accessible yet somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle of life back on the “mainland,” are the perfect place to bring your boat for some quality downtime after a day of fast-paced cruising. Popular spots include the Haulover Sandbar off Miami Beach, or the Loxahatchee River Sandbar, a must-see destination for anglers exploring Jupiter Inlet.

… or lush, leafy escape

Another choice landscape to explore is the lush, miniature islands scattered across South Florida’s shores where mangroves meet one-of-a-kind wildlife in a unique natural setting. You can find formations like these everywhere from Biscayne National Park near Miami, to the upper Florida Keys (a convenient day trip away for many South Florida boaters).

From the spacious comfort of your family cruiser, island adventures are never far away. Rediscover your on-the-water environs with the help of your own boat from Mariner Marine! Our selection of Grady-White center consoles, dual consoles and more has something to offer every kind of boater and angler.