Buying a new or used boat from a Jupiter boat dealer should be a fun and exciting process! But the buying process can seem overwhelming to some people. That’s why our trusted Jupiter boats for sale experts are here to help navigate you through the process. Read on for 10 general steps to buying new or used boats in Jupiter, FL!

  1. Find The Right Boat Type For You

What kind of activities do you want to use your boat for? How many passengers? These are all great questions to help you consider the type of boat you’d like to purchase.

  1. Find A Great Jupiter Boat Dealer to Work With

If you need some recommendations, Mariner Marine’s expert staff makes buying a new or used boat a breeze!

  1. Decide on New or Used?

There are several benefits with a new boat and there are several benefits to a used boat! Weigh your options and choose the best one for your situation. 

  1. Cash or Financing: Know Your Options

Whether you plan to pay cash or go for the financing route, research the options you have and choose the one that’s right for you.

  1. Secure A Boat Loan If Needed

Whether it’s through a boat dealership or through a bank, make sure you have a plan in place for securing a boat loan once you find the boat of your dreams.

  1. Do Your Research

Knowing what’s going on with the boating market puts you a step ahead as you start your boat-buying journey.

  1. Make a Pros and Cons List

Once you’ve narrowed down your vessel options with your boat dealership, make a list of all the things you like and dislike about each option.

  1. Take It For A Test Run

Narrowed down your options? Take them for a test spin out on the water to see if you could see yourself driving it on a regular day in your life!

  1. Choose A Boat Surveyor
    There are many reasons boat dealerships recommend surveying the boat you wish to purchase – it gives you an extra layer of insight!

10. Seal The Deal!

Once all your ducks are in a row with your boat dealer, close the deal by taking home the boat of your dreams!

Buying a new or used boat in Jupiter should be an exciting adventure for you and your family. No matter your boating goals, there is the perfect boat out there for you and hopefully these general steps help guide you along your journey to making that boat your own! And when you’re ready to get the process started with a boat dealership equipped with a team of experts, give Mariner Marine a call. 

‘Tis the season for taking your beloved boat out on the water! And if you live in South Florida, that season is often longer than many other places. But, that’s why its exponentially important to properly take care of your boats in West Palm Beach. As your go-to West Palm Beach boat dealers, we’re here to provide tips and tricks for all of your West Palm beach boating adventures. Check out these tips for taking care of your boat so it lasts and continues to perform exceptionally well!

Bring Your Boat In For Maintenance Regularly

Just as you would make sure your car hasn;t missed any oil changes in a long time, it’s important to bring your boat in for regular maintenance. Whether you notice a problem with your boat or not, regular check-ins are essential to making sure your boat stays in the best shape possible and that you will be able to enjoy it longer. 

Give It A Bath Every Now And Then

While you may think that since your  boat is in the water often that it doesn’t need a good rinse and scrub, that’s just not the case! Your boat should be cleaned about once a month. While you’re there, check in on the wax of your boat, too, to make sure it doesn’t need some touch ups. 

Take Care Of It Even In The Off-Season

Even when you’re not taking it out on the water on a regular basis, it’s still critical to make sure your boat is properly cared for in the in-between months. If you boat is stored, make sure to keep it properly covered and protected. If you live in an area where winter strikes hard, make sure you’re properly winterizing your vessel. 

Just as you would bathe often, go to the doctor for regular checkups and keep safe in the WInter, it’s important that you have that same state of mind for your boat. Boats are an important investment, so taking care of your investments is a great way to ensure their longevity and quality. For more in-depth tips and tricks, reach out to our trusted Mariner Marine experts and see how we can help take care of you and all your boating goals!

It’s no surprise that Grady-White boats have been stealing the show for years and years in the boating industry – they’re incredible vessels! And there’s certainly a reason why Mariner Marine is a proud Grady-White dealership in South Florida. Whether it’s new or used, read on to discover 3 benefits to owning a Grady-White boat. 

Superior Performance

Grady-White’s complete line up of saltwater boats, from 18 to 45 feet, are built on the industry’s best performing hull – Grady’s trademarked SeaV2® hull – which delivers the driest, softest, most stable ride in the industry. The softness of the SeaV² hull is accomplished without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Not only that but the Grady-White performance is award-winning! 

Sophisticated Style

The design of every Grady-White boat is done with strategice precision by engineers and design professionals. Whether it’s a standard or custom design, throughout the entire process, the work is examined and reexamined to make sure it hits the mark every single time. They even make sure they are remaining the best of the best in design by inviting other world-class structural and mechanical engineers and aesthetic stylists to enhance their ideas. 

Renowned Reliability

Thanks to an extensive atten-to-detail, Grady-White boats are just built better. Not only are they built to perform but they’re built for longevity. But reliability isn’t a task to check off a list, it’s a way of life with Grady-White vessels. They’re built safer, more reliable, and higher performing, so that every owner is provided immeasurable long-term value. You can count on a Grady-White boat!

While the list of benefits could be endless, these 3 attributes truly make Grady-White stand out above the rest! With performance, style and reliability at the top of the list, Grady-White offers a plethora of features that meet any boat enthusiast’s dreams. If you’re ready to get your hands on your very own Grady-White, visit Mariner Marine and let our team of experts help you!

When it comes to enjoying all the many pleasures of owning a boat, there are certain things to keep in mind. In the same way you probably want to keep a pair of jumper cables in the back of your car, there are some things that you just don’t want to forget when you head out on the water. From safety to enjoyment, read on for essential things you need to remember to keep on your boat!


Life is unpredictable, so anything can happen when you’re out on the water. The best thing you can do is be prepared for it! Keeping you and your family safe ensure that your day on the boat is the best it can possibly be. Check out this list of essentials you don’t need to forget when getting the boat ready to go. 

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Life Jackets
  • Whistle
  • First Aid Kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Duct Tape


Everyone loves to have some fun on the water! The beautiful waters of Florida provide an array of opportunities for family fun. From showing off your wakeboarding skills to floating on your favorite inner tube, sometimes boat days are the best day. But there are some things that you probably shouldn’t forget. Check out these items that could potentially ruin the fun if you accidentally leave them at home. 

  • Towels 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Snacks
  • Drinking Water
  • Sunglasses

For start to finish, boat days are meant to make you happy, and keeping these items onboard will ensure that you can enjoy your day on the boat without any hiccups. Whether you’re bringing home a fish or bringing home some worn out kiddos, we hope that however you choose to enjoy the luxuries of your boat will be thanks to the things you remembered to bring aboard. And when you’re ready to find the perfect boat to enjoy every boat day with, swing by Mariner Marine, and our experts will find the perfect fit for you and your family!

If you’re looking to take man’s best friend out for a day on the boat, the beautiful waters of Florida are the perfect place to do it! Here at Mariner Marine, we love our furry friends, and that’s why as your trusted boat dealers Boca Raton FL, we wanted to put together some helpful and exciting tips for a day out on your Boca Raton boats with your pup. Read on for 3 ways to enjoy a boat day with your dog. 

Safety First

To make sure your dog is safe on your exciting day on the water, it’s important to put safety first. In addition to having your own life jacket, you should also consider investing in a life jacket for your canine. Many boating goods suppliers make great canine life jackets. Although many dogs can naturally swim, waters can get rough so fatigue can become an issue. 

Always Have Fresh Drinking Water

Because of some of the potential contaminants that can be found in bodies of both saltwater and freshwater, it’s probably best to not allow you furry friend to drink from the ocean or lake. Instead, consider packing an ample amount of fresh drinking water for your dog and having it available for when they get thirsty. Another pro tip: try putting a non-slip mat underneath your dog’s water bowl so it doesn’t shift around too much when you’re on the move. 

Have Fun

The best thing about having a boat dog is being able to enjoy time together! After you take all the safety precautions enjoy a boat day with your pup by having some fetch toys and lounging floats on hand for your dog to enjoy. With its life jacket on, try throwing out some fetch toys or having a floating bed on the water for your furry friend to relax on, too! 

Dogs can be great boat companions, and even deserve to have a fun day out on the water sometimes, too! So whether you plan on having your pup be your regular boating companion or you just want to prepare for an occasional joy ride, these tips are sure to ensure a fun, safe, and memorable day out on the water. And when you’re ready to find the perfect boat for you and your dog to enjoy, contact us and we’ll meet all of your goals!

As your trusted boat dealers Palm Beach, we have seen the Grady-White Canyon 376 exceed expectations from the start! Our customers love our exclusive Grady-White vessels, including the Canyon 376, and it’s pretty clear why. From its room interior to luxury amenities, this boat makes whatever your boating goals a breeze. Read on for some of the reasons why our clients are loving the Canyon 376 from Grady-White!

Superior Standards

It beauty of the Canyon 376 is that even if you stick with its standard features and opt out of those add-on ones, you’re still getting incredible functionality and luxury! This vessel stands out with its safety, cockpit and deck, console, console interior and deluxe lean bar features, including nonskid fiberglass liner, 100% hand laid SeaV² hull & deck, Helm Master EX® w/Full Maneuverability, and so much more – all coming standard!

Outstanding Options

As if the standard features don’t provide incredible luxury, the Canyon 376 offers amazing options if you’re looking to take things up a notch. From a refrigerator/freezer aft fish box with digitally controlled thermostat & OB drain to a deluxe stereo system with AM/FM tuner, MP3 auxiliary audio connections/amplifier, helm subwoofer, Bluetooth®, remote unit & fold down storage, and speakers with LED lights – you’re sure to never run out of fun on this one!

Powerful Performance

Now, a lot of boats can provide intriguing features, but sometimes they may not prove their success. For a boat to meet our expectations, those bells and whistles need to be functional and impressive as well – and that’s exactly what the Canyon 376 from Grady-White does. Not only does its features provide incredible advantage, its performance data is sure to outlast and impress. Choose from the 425 Yamaha Four-Stroke TWIN, the 300 Yamaha Four-Stroke TRIPLE, or the 425 Yamaha Four-Stroke TRIPLE and head out on the water with confidence!

From our fishing enthusiasts to our cruising connoisseurs, the Grady-White Canyon 376 makes your boating experience incredibly enjoyable! It’s features, amenities, functionality and style provide for a great day on the water. If you’re looking for boats for sale in Palm Beach, give Mariner Marine a call and out experts will help you get out on the beautiful waters of Florida!