If you love spending a day out on the water with some friendly competition then you’ve probably tried your hand at plenty of watersports! Popular watersports, lik tubing or wakeboarding, are pretty common on the water in South Florida. But have you ever heard of hydrofoiling? Or salom skiing? If you’re looking to get out on the water in your sleek Grady-White and try something new, read on for 3 unique watersports you’ve probably never heard of before! 

Salom Skiing

Whoever said two was better than one must have not known about salom skiing! Similar to regular water skiing, salom skiing kicks things up a notch by only involving one ski. With salom skiing competitions taking place across the world, this water sport is known for its obstacle courses taking place at higher speeds. Are you down for the challenge?


Uniquely known among surfers, hydrofoiling is a watersport performed while being towed from boats, too! Falling within the category of regular water skiing, hydrofoiling involves a board lifted off the water, making it appear as though your boat is floating in mid air. The special hydrofoiling board consists of the seat tower, board and foil assembly, which acts as a rudder. This odd watersport definitely looks cool, but can be challenging to get the hang of!


Have you ever thought about what skateboarding on water might look like? Well, it’ll probably look a lot like wakeskating! Basically aquatic skateboarding, wakeskating involves riders that are not bound to any board, therefore, you are able to freely maneuver your feet in any way you wish. This helps when performing tricks! The size of the board is smaller than a wakeboard but slightly larger than a skateboard. 

A day of watersports makes for the perfect day out on the water enjoying your Grady White, and whether you’re a seasoned rider or you’re looking to grow your athleticism, these unique watersports are probably some you don’t see often. Perfect for your next boat day, test out some of these exciting watersports and show off your new skills. Surely, your crew will be impressed! And when you’re ready to find the perfect boat to take out on the water to test these suggestions out, give Mariner Marine a call and we’ll be happy to help!

Father’s Day is June 20th this year and there’s no better way to celebrate dad than with Mariner Marine! As your go-to Palm Beach County boat dealer, we know how much dads love their sleek Grady White boats, and how they’re always looking for the perfect excuse for taking it out on the water. So, this Father’s Day, give dad exactly what he wants with these 5 festive ideas from Mariner Marine!

Dock Hopping To His Favorite Shoreline Spots

For the dads who love being adventurous, take dad from dock to dock on his beautiful boat to visit all his favorite shoreline spots. From restaurants and bars to shoreline attractions and islands, spending a day exploring the waters is a great way to show dad how much you care. 

Showing Off With Some Watersports

For the dads who aren’t afraid of a little exercise, give dad the chance to show off some moves with watersports towed from his favorite Grady White. From seeing who can hang on to the tube the longest to seeing who can do the coolest trick on a set of water skis, watersports on Father’s Day sound like a day dad will love!

Giving His Favorite Grady White A Bath

For dads who maybe just need a break, grab some soap and your sponge, and give his favorite Grady White a bath! There’s not much better than a squeaky clean boat. Plus, taking that task off dad’s plate is the perfect way to give dad the relaxing day he deserves. 

Treating Dad To The Boat Of His Dreams

For the dads who deserve something extra special, take dad to the best Palm Beach County boat dealer to let him pick out his dream vessel or surprise him with the Grady Whit of his dreams in the driveway on Father’s Day morning! Whatever your dad’s boating needs, there’s the perfect boat for him at Mariner Marine. 

Fishing For Some Friendly Competition

For dads who are quite the catch, pack the rods and hit the water for some friendly competition. If your dad is the ultimate angler, then he will surely enjoy a day out on his favorite boat reeling in some big ones! A day of fishing on a Grady White sounds like the perfect Father’s Day to us!

This Father’s Day, give the fathers and father figures in your life the celebration they deserve with Mariner Marine. Whether you plan to take him fishing or treating him to a squeaky clean vessel, we hope your day is full of festive fun! And remember, Mariner Marine is always here to help you have the best Father’s Day on the best boat for your needs. Give us a call today!

Knowing how to tow your boat from our West Palm Beach dealers helps you get the most out of your boating experience. Whether you live right on the water or not, you may want to take your boat on the road to new destinations, which is part of the fun! That’s why our trusted West Palm Beach boat dealers have curated a list of tips and tricks to towing your boat. Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to tow your boat!

Get Your Tow Vehicle Ready

Once you’ve ensured that your chosen vehicle has the proper tow capacity for your boat, make sure your trailer hitch is rated for the weight of the boat and trailer. Then, go through a quick check of your vehicle and look for things like tire pressure and condition, brakes condition, and other functionality features. After that, make sure all the necessary features work in your boost trailer to ensure a safe, secure connection. Your owner’s manual can be a helpful guide when making sure your vehicle is capable and read for your boat tow. 

Load Boat Onto Trailer

When your boat’s in the launch deck area, back your tow vehicle up so that the ramp lowers into the  water just enough for the boat to be able to catch on.  The trailer should be backed into the water as straight as possible, and at a depth that allows the boat to float over the rear two-thirds of the trailer bunks.Then, put your tow vehicle in park with the parking brake on. Have the driver of the boat idle the boat over the bunks, aligning the bow peak with the trailer bow stop. When the boat bumps the bow stop on the winch post, clip the winch strap to the bow eye, and use the winch to pull the boat up snug to the winch post, and then secure the safety chain.

Load Boat Off Of Trailer 

Before launching your boat, load up all your desired gear onto the boat. Then, attach fenders to the dock side of the boat, remove the transom tie-down straps, attach dock lines to the bow and stern cleats, unplug the trailer lights from the tow vehicle to keep cold water from damaging the hot bulbs. Slowly back down the ramp as straight as possible until you see the stern of the boat start to float. Then, put your vehicle in park with the parking brake, and release the trailer winch and safety chain. You may have to give your boat a little push until it’s in the water. 

Remove Trailer From Tow Vehicle

To kick things off, move both your trailer and vehicle to a level surface. When removing your trailer for your tow vehicle, it’s important to chock the trailer wheels before removing the trailer from your vehicle. Use the trailer jack to raise the bow of the boat so any water in the bilge flows aft to the bilge pump or drain plug. Disconnect all the wires and chains, and remove the cotter chain from the latch. Lower the jack on the tongue of the trailer until it rests on the ground.

Take your favorite Grady Whlte on the road with these tips to towing your boat! You never know where you might want to take your West Palm Beach boats, so knowing how to tow your vessel is essential! We hope this guide was helpful, and when you’re ready to find the boat of your dreams, head out to Mariner Marine and let our team of experts assist you!