When you think of all the best times out on the water aboard center console fishing boats, visions of angling, socializing, and fun under the sun come to mind. However, buying sport fishing boats for sale isn’t always only about all those good times. Consider the important inspections, maintenance, and repairs that are necessary to keep center-console boats in working order year-round. There are some telltale signs that your boat may need a little TLC before its next adventure – just read on to discover what they are!

Difficulty Steering

If you find that you have difficulty controlling your steering wheel, whether it won’t turn at all or takes a great deal of effort to rotate, then this may indicate a major issue within Grady White fishing boats. Sometimes, this may simply be fixed by adding hydraulic fluid. If that isn’t the case, then beware: your hydraulic fuel lines may be leaking and need immediate repairs. As soon as your steering wheels starts giving you fits, it’s a good idea to get some expert advice.

Intense Vibrations

A little vibration from your engine and propeller is normal. However, if there is a noticeable increase in vibration compared to normal, or if you notice a significant vibration whenever accelerating, then your boat may be suffering from some internal issues. Often, this is a problem with the propeller itself. Inspect your propeller for signs of damage such as chipping, missing pieces, or tangled debris, then have it repaired or replaced as necessary.

Water Leaks

All boats take on a little water – that’s why bilge pumps exist to flush it out! However, in the case that your boat is taking on even more water than usual, there may be something dangerous causing it. Underwater debris or rocks can cause holes in the hull of boats, or maybe a broken hose in the exhaust or cooling system is causing the excessive water. Either way, when your boat starts carrying more water than usual, it’s time to bring it in for repairs.

Sputtering Power

When a boat runs out of gas, it can sputter out and slow to a stop no matter how hard you try to accelerate. However, if you have plenty of gas in the tank, then this can be obvious cause for concern. Loss of power can be caused by a spark plug issue, faulty filters, or an electrical complication. If this happens to you and you know it’s not due to an empty gas tank, then you will need to bring in your boat for repairs.

If you ever notice any of these signs, then it’s a good idea to bring your boat to the professionals! An experienced eye for boat maintenance and repair will be able to diagnose the issue and patch it up so you can go back to all your most beloved water activities. If you’re still on the market for fishing boats for sale, then look no further than Mariner Marine! We are your leading choice for center-console boats for sale.

For season ticket holders and sporting enthusiasts alike, the most hallowed time of year is upon us: it’s football season! For months, many football fans have been eagerly waiting for that very first kickoff to inaugurate the 2021 season. However, you don’t need to wait until gametime to start the good times! This year, dock your Grady White fishing boats at any of these waterside football stadiums for a pregame you’ll not soon forget.

Neyland Stadium (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Before every home game at the University of Tennessee, the “Vol Navy” assembles on the banks of the beautiful Tennessee River, just outside of their beloved Neyland Stadium. These are folks who are equal parts football- and boating-crazed aficionados, making them your idea crowd on a crisp Saturday morning in the fall! Take a walk down visitor-friendly Volunteer Landing and explore its three miles of features that include a full-service marina and restaurants.

Soldier Field (Chicago, Illinois)

Before the Chicago Bears do battle on the gridiron, you can find their fans occupying the 1,120 slips at Burnham Harbor. This beautiful, protected cove on Lake Michigan offers visitors unbeatable proximity to Soldier Field. Make sure to visit before October, when the harbor officially closes! This is a new way to experience Sunday football that you’ll always remember.

McLane Stadium (Waco, Texas)

How many times have you been caught up in that typical Saturday traffic before or after a college football event? Well, there’s one way to forego all that hustle and bustle! Bring your center console fishing boats down the Brazos River and find a slip outside of Baylor’s own McLane Stadium. The university has reserved this scenic inlet as a boat basin and football fanatics make full use of it. Some will say that docking outside of the stadium is the best way to observe Baylor’s “March of the Bears” tradition before every game, in which players and coaches cross the bridge over the boat basin.

EverBank Field (Jacksonville, Florida)

The year-round tropical climate of Florida means that the waterways outside the Jacksonville Jaguars’ EverBank Field are always the place to be on game day. The marina here offers 80 slips that can accommodate boats up to 80 feet in length! If you’re not a fan of NFL football, that’s no problem. Every year, the Florida-Georgia game and the Gator Bowl are both held at EverBank Field. Whether collegiate or professional, the crowds at these events can be heard throughout Metropolitan Park Marina on the St. Johns River.

For all football fans, going to games in-person is a highly coveted opportunity. The only way to make it even better is by arriving in style the best way you know how – by boat! Before you visit any of these awesome locations this year, make sure you call Mariner Marine for all your needs pertaining to fishing boats for sale. With our extensive inventory of center console fishing boats, we can hook you up with the perfect boat for all your maritime adventures!

Going for a ride on a boat is a thrilling endeavor in and of itself. But for those who don’t find as much excitement in boating as you do, they may see it as a mere recreational activity. By playing the most fun games onboard center console fishing boats, you can make sure that every guest has the best possible time on the water! The only limit to how much fun you have is your own imagination so join Mariner Marine as we splash into 4 ideas for game ideas on your boat.

Pool Noodle Jousting

For this easy activity, all you need are some pool noodles and floating water mats. You can try pool noodle jousting on the deck of Grady White fishing boats, but we find it much more fun in the water! Simply place your mats in the water, grab your pool noodle, and ride in combat against one another. Last one standing (or floating, in this case) on their mat is the winner!


Guests of all ages can find endless amounts of competitive fun with pong! Using any drink you like (water, soda, juice, or adult beverages), you can make pong inviting for everyone. The goal of the game is to eliminate each cup belonging to the opposing team by shooting a ping pong ball into its contents. Try 6-cup or 10-cup formats, then let your creativity run free! Implement every silly rule you can think of – house rules go onboard fishing boats for sale.

Jumbo Checkers

Worry not – you can still experience some of your favorite classic board games aboard center-console fishing boats without threat of water damage! Checkers is one of the best examples of this. Consider bringing a checkers rug with you next time you hit the water. The rug itself is lightweight and easily dried off, making the water a non-issue. Plus, the pieces are so large that you are unlikely to lose them amidst your maritime excursions!

Host Your Own Scavenger Hunt

Sport fishing boats for sale provide plenty of sneaky hiding places to hide away any kind of knick-knack that you can get your hands on, like seashells or sunglasses. After doing so, provide your guests with tantalizing clues to point them in the right direction, then let the scavenger hunt do the rest! Consider prizes such as a gift card for the final and most cherished reward. Everyone will be sure to love this game – even little ones!

Going out on center console fishing boats is already so much fun, so why not make it the best experience it can possibly be for all your guests? With these games and more, you can elevate your boating adventure into something so much more! Good times and priceless memories await you on the water, all you’re missing is a fishing boat for sale to go find them. Contact Mariner Marine today to find the perfect boat for you!

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