Whether you are a novice mariner, an expert angler, or a recreational boater, it’s always a good idea to continue learning and adopting better safety measures and smarter skills for while you are out in the water.

Here are the top 5 boating resources to use before you head out for your next boat day in Wellington:

The Weather Forecast

Check the news, your phone apps, or the radio because knowing what kind of weather you will be facing is a smart idea and probably something you do every time you head out – especially if your usual boating spots are in Florida where it doesn’t take more than an hour for the sunshine to transform into heavy rain!

You can also check the weather conditions and tide predictions at weather buoys close to where you will be boating.

Study Documentation Requirements

You must check your state’s requirements pertaining to your vessel and determine what kind of documentation you need to be out in the water. You can check with your Coast Guard, boat dealer or official marine organizations to help you with finding the information or guiding you to additional resources that can help.

Boat registration, boater education card and personal identifications are some of the few documents that you are always required to have onboard.

The Required Safety Gear

Safety gear is one of the most essential items for your boat. These items should include Coast Guard mandated gear, which you can double-check anytime you are unsure, as well as other safety equipment that will help ensure every boating trip you take goes smooth and secure. If you aren’t certain about what you need, you can check with resources shared by the USCG.

Lifejackets and wearable personal flotation devices are essential to have on board. Throwable floatation devices, visual and sound signaling devices, and fire extinguishers are also important safety gear that you need to have on your vessel.

Mastering Your Navigational Skills

Although it takes years to become a marine navigational expert, it doesn’t take too long to learn the basics and pick up some of the important aspects of navigating a boat. You can choose between electronic navigation or traditional marine navigation and learn to use the appropriate equipment required for your preferred method.

First Aid

Whether you are choosing to be out in the water for a few hours or a few days, having a first aid kit is an important resource to have onboard for medical emergencies and minor accidents. Sunblock, insect repellant and antihistamine are always good to keep in stock, but antiseptic ointments, adhesive bandages, pain, and fever reducers as well sterile gauze pads are some of the basic first aid items to keep on your boat.

If you are looking for boats for sale in Wellington, talk to us at Mariner Marine and from your very own vessel to all the resources you will require for it – we have it all!

If comfort and safety are your priority, Grady-White boats should be your number one choice when looking at boats to purchase. Paying close attention to detail as well as functionality, Grady-White has more than half a century’s worth of experience building exceptional vessels.

Although there are plenty of advantages of owning a Grady-White, some reasons stand out more than others. Here are three reasons to own a Grady-White boat in West Palm Beach:

Flexible Designs That Cater to Customer Needs

Grady-White takes customer preferences, feedbacks and experience into great account when manufacturing their various models. Their designs are flexible enough to suit all your needs, whether you choose to use the vessel for serious fishing excursions or for the weekends while you are out with your family and friends. Grady-White boats are known to have a diverse range of features that accommodate your lifestyle and manage to maintain their elegant look whatever purpose they are designed for.  These features are designed and placed aboard the model in a strategic way that has been developed through customer feedback and requests.

From their superior laminates, structural integrity to their unsinkable foam flotation – there is a reason why Grady-White boats stand apart from others.

Performance You Can Count On

Grady-White boats are manufactured by experienced professionals who ensure customer satisfaction and safety in every model that is designed. Grady-White takes great pride in its unique multi-faceted hull design that makes it possible to deliver a dry, smooth, and stable ride regardless of whatever kind of waters you are in. The Grady-White SeaV2 hull performance has been ranked number one in each of the eight studies conducted by J.D Power and Associates Marine Studies. Taking advantage of North Carolina’s saltwater heritage, Grady-White creates boats that cruise smoothly even in rough water conditions.

All Grady-White boats feature high-quality materials such as high-strength stainless steel and high-quality fiberglass. The unsinkable foam floatation and the level floatation in smaller boats ensure that the boat continues to ride smoothly even if the water is very rough. The safety features of these boats continue to make them one of the most popular choices amongst boat enthusiasts all over.

Exceptional Customer Support and Satisfaction

Grady-White doesn’t just pay extra attention to the vessels it creates but also to the relationships it builds with customers who purchase their boats. From their apps to their support team, at Grady-White customer satisfaction is taken very seriously. They offer explanations and tutorials for each boat system and explain them in the clearest way so that even a fresh boater can learn the ropes quickly.  The customer support team at Grady-White has the knowledge and experience to answer all questions and queries and you will be thrilled at the way they maintain the relationship even after you have purchased your boat and moved on.

Talk to us at Mariner Marine, your trusted West Palm Beach boat dealers and we can help you learn about the various Grady-White we have available, and which one is best suited for you. If you’ve decided you want to join the Grady-White club, there really is no reason to stall now!

People around the world have been fishing for thousands of years and where once it was only for a matter of survival, now it has evolved into a hobby or sport for fun as well. Fishing is a great way for you to embrace nature, enjoy your boat, and bond with family or friends while you’re out at the water together.

And even though you may have been fishing for years, there are probably a few things about it that you may have never heard of before. So here are 10 interesting fishing facts that are sure to excite and astound you:

Biggest Record Fish Caught

We hear headlines every day about different species of fish breaking records after being caught around the country by various anglers. However, the biggest fish ever caught on record remains a 2,664-pound great white shark that was caught in 1959 by Alfred Dean of Irymple, Victoria. He managed to catch this giant creature by using a porpoise as bait on a 130-pound line, all within a matter of 50 minutes!

Fastest Fish in the World

Most experts around the world would agree that a sailfish is most likely the fastest fish in the world today. This was determined after a sailfish managed to go from zero to 60 mph within 2.6 seconds, taking out 300 feet of line with it. A sailfish is easily recognizable with an enormous sail on its back and can measure up to 10-feet and 200 pounds.

The Most Popular Form of Fishing
Fly fishing is now known as the most popular style of fishing. When using this technique, the lightweight bait – resembling a fly – is presented on top of the water’s surface to show as if a bug or insect has just landed in the water. Fly rods and reels are very different from traditional fishing poles and are also usually much longer. Fly fishing is an active form of fishing and adventure seekers enjoy the thrill it brings.

Plenty of Fish at Sea
Although you may be accustomed to seeing fish all the time as a constant angler, how much do you really know about the various species that swim under the different waters of the world? Did you know that there are over 20,000 fish species that have been recorded thus far but more than half the ocean remains unexplored so there is a fair chance there are so many more species we still aren’t familiar with!

Last But Not The Least
Something that might seem very trivial but accounts for a whole lot of money is ice. Yes, you read that right, ice! Did you know anglers around the world invest more than 300 million dollars each year to buy ice to preserve fish longer?

So, how’s that for some fishing facts that you may have not known before? If you are looking to up your fishing game and are searching for fishing boats for sale in South Florida, contact us at Mariner Marine and we may just have a Grady-White calling your name!

Whether it’s a family member or a dear friend, if you have a boating enthusiast in your life, chances are you want to give them a gift that celebrates their passion. From gadgets for their boat, attire for their voyages, or things for their home that reflect their love for marine life, there are so many options to choose from!

If you are running out of time and still confused about what to get, here are a few last-minute gift ideas for the boating enthusiast in your life from your trusted Palm Beach boat dealers.

A New Cooler For The Hot Days At Sea

There are some great coolers and ice chests out in the market these days. If your loved one happens to be out sailing or fishing under the hot sun quite often, then gifting them a cooler that ensures their food and drinks stay fresh for hours at a stretch, is a great idea!

Boating Apparel

A new jacket or hat for fishing trips or something fancy from their favorite boat brand that they can sport all season long – boating enthusiasts are sure to love an addition to their wardrobe that reflects their love for their boat or the water in general. Quick-drying shoes with open mesh and a comfortable sole are also a gift that would be appreciated!

Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker specially designed to deliver great outdoor sound at a high volume is sure to be a great hit for a boater who loves cranking up some tunes while out on the water. Having some music on the boat is also a great option to have when sailing with family and friends!

Waterproof Bag

A bag that stays dry and keeps belongings safe is always needed. Choose one that has watertight seals that keep gear protected and dry. It doesn’t have to be too big but large enough to store keys, a wallet, an extra shirt, and other small belongings for a day out at sea.

A Boating Knife

Every boater needs a good multitasking knife that is strong and durable, perhaps with a customized carving of their initials. You could turn this very handy tool into a very personalized gift that a boating enthusiast is sure to bring along on all their trips.

A GPS Fishfinder

If you have someone in your life who enjoys their fishing trips more than any other adventure, then a fishfinder with an integrated GPS would be a very cherished gift! It will allow the boater to find their perfect spots much more easily and waste less time searching for potential fishing spots.

Waterproof Marine Binoculars

A boating enthusiast would love a pair of waterproof binoculars which could come in handy when trying to spot the aquatic life in the distance or even while looking out for other boats or obstructions ahead.

If you are looking more into boat accessories, services and upgrade ideas for a boat enthusiast, contact us at Mariner Marine, your expert Palm Beach boat dealers, and we would be thrilled to help you find something the boat enthusiast in your life would cherish.

As the year draws to an end, here are highlights from some of the top fishing stories that made the headlines in 2021. Shocked and amazed, the readers and will probably be remembered over the years by fishing enthusiasts all over the country!

Fisherman Catches Giant 19-Armed Endangered Starfish in Crab Trap

In case you didn’t happen to come across this one, you should look it up now because this is an amazing sight to see. An ultra-rare sunflower sea star made headlines in October 2021 when a fisherman Lee LeFever caught it during a crab fishing excursion off the shores of Orcas Island located in San Juan County, Washington.

The species is known to be critically endangered, and its population has declined by more than 90%. This one, however, appeared vibrant and healthy with 19 arms in total!

Possible World Record Catfish Caught in Connecticut

A man from Connecticut set a new record in the state after catching a catfish that nearly doubled the weight of the previous record. According to reports, this catch is most likely a new world record!

The 21.3-pound White Catfish was caught by Ben Tomkunas in Coventry Lake in August 2021. Initially, the species of the fish couldn’t be verified as it was so large that it almost looked like Channel Cats. However, later experts confirmed it was indeed a White Catfish and one that seemed to have broken all records so far.

Fisherman Breaks Nearly 30-Year-Old Record in Florida

Felipe Prieto broke a record that had been set in 1993 when he caught a butterfly peacock bass in a Broward County Lake in Florida in October 2021. The fish weighed 9.11 pounds and measured 23 5/16 inches long.

The vibrant and colorful butterfly peacock has been known to attract anglers from all over the country to travel to Florida to catch this bass.

New Fishing Record Category Created in North Carolina After Angler Reels in ‘Exceptionally Large’ Fish

State officials in North Carolina ended up creating a new category after a fisherman caught a large red hind fish in October this year. Matthew Parr’s catch, which weighed 7-pound, 1.6 ounces and measured 21.5 inches, was the reason why a new fishing category was created for this kind of fish.

NJ Angler Sets New Fishing Record in Landlocked Reservoir

The NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife confirmed that Joe Satkowski caught a record-breaking salmon on September 30 this year. The angler from Hampton had been fishing at Merrill Creek Reservoir using a homemade jig as his lure when he reeled in an eight-pound, 10-ounce salmon that measured 26 inches long. The catch beat the previous record by five ounces.

From new records to new categories, this year seems to have seen it all. With some fish nearing extinction and others thriving, it has been an eventful year for anglers all over the country. If you are gearing up for the next fishing season, contact us at Mariner Marine, your trusted and most popular south Florida boat dealers. Our inventory and services will ensure you have a better fishing season than ever before!

Whether you have recently become a first-time boat owner or are about to become one, chances are you have been giving this decision a lot of thought. Purchasing a boat is a big moment in your life and usually not acted upon on a whim – you need to think about things such as finances, maintenance, storage, and most importantly, learn the ropes on how to operate your new boat while out on the water.

Hesitation vs. Confidence

If you have been going back and forth on the idea of becoming a boat owner, it could be because you are hesitant to take such a big step. You may worry about paying the wrong price, buying the wrong boat, or not being able to cope with all the maintenance required. Having done enough research and securing your finances before purchasing a boat is a smart idea that will make you feel more confident about going ahead with your decision. While boat life is one worth investing in, it’s important to know the best boat for you when it comes to what you can afford and what you’re looking to accomplish with it.

It May Not Be Easy But That’s Okay

Just because you have been on one several times doesn’t mean you are completely ready to operate your vessel just yet. Before purchasing a boat you may think that you have been on several boat rides by now and think you know what to do, but when the time comes for you to be out by yourself on a powerboat, things could get tricky. Reality is you will need to handle aspects like wind, water, tides and currents all at the same time, and keep an eye out for weather changes and other boat traffic as well. Make sure your prepared for the proper education and practice that foes into operating a vessel.

Bring On The Courage

Being a first-time boat owner may not be as easy as you thought it might be, but that doesn’t mean you avoid should becoming one. Every boater starts from the scratch at some point and just because it doesn’t come to you as easily in the beginning, it doesn’t mean all your voyages ahead will be like that. Take small trips in the beginning and get acquainted with your boat. Familiarize yourself with its functions and operations, and after each trip, make sure to check for any damage as this will put you in the habit of regularly checking your boat’s condition.

Take A Step Toward Driving With a Trailer

Driving with a trailer and a fancy new boat hitched to the back of your car is also going to be something new for you to get acquainted with. Avoid the chances of damages or accidents by practicing driving with it in some empty lots. That way, by the time you’re ready to take your first trip out on your boat, driving with your trailer won’t make you nervous. That’s one step closer to being a pro!

Take Your Time

There likely is a lot you may want to accomplish while out in the water on your new boat but you mustn’t rush into things. Don’t expect yourself to turn into a seasoned boatsman instantly. Allow yourself the time to learn the ropes and correct your mistakes as you go along. And remember – don’t let the pressure get to your head. Boating is an exciting adventure, so have fun with it!

So if you think you are ready to become a first-time boat owner and are looking at boats for sale in Boca Raton, contact us at Mariner Marine and let us help you find exactly what you are looking for. We’ll help you find your dream vessel for whatever your budget, whatever your passions!

GREENVILLE, NC: Grady-White Boats is proud to announce Mariner Marine of Riviera Beach, FL, has been awarded membership in the Grady-White Boats Admiral’s Circle for model year 2021, in recognition of exceptional achievement in both sales and customer service.

The Admiral’s Circle Award is reserved for the dealerships in the Grady-White network that have achieved the top tier in retail sales, and simultaneously provided world-class customer service to their customers for the model year. This is the 21st year that Mariner Marine has earned
this special honor.

“Mariner Marine has shown their dedication to their customers by demonstrating exceptional attention to detail in all aspects of the sales and service experience,” stated Joey Weller, Grady-White’s Vice President of Sales. “Grady-White is very pleased and honored to have Mariner Marine representing our brand. Their expertise in our fine products along with providing incredible service for their customers sets a standard that other dealers strive to replicate.”

Established in 1959, Grady-White builds 25 models of saltwater-tough, versatile, and high-quality center console, dual console, express, and walkaround cabin sportfishing and coastal family boats from 18 to 45 feet at its facility in Greenville, NC. Grady-White is historically renowned for and highest rated in customer satisfaction by every third-party study ever done in the marine industry, including all 8 of the J.D. Power and Associates Customer Satisfaction Awards for their category and all 19 consecutive years of the NMMA Customer Satisfaction Index Awards. The company has been privately owned by NMMA Hall of Fame member Eddie Smith since 1968, and is led by Kris Carroll, 45-year company veteran and NMMA Hall of Fame member. Learn more at www.gradywhite.com.