If you’re looking to take man’s best friend out for a day on the boat, the beautiful waters of Florida are the perfect place to do it! Here at Mariner Marine, we love our furry friends, and that’s why as your trusted boat dealers Boca Raton FL, we wanted to put together some helpful and exciting tips for a day out on your Boca Raton boats with your pup. Read on for 3 ways to enjoy a boat day with your dog. 

Safety First

To make sure your dog is safe on your exciting day on the water, it’s important to put safety first. In addition to having your own life jacket, you should also consider investing in a life jacket for your canine. Many boating goods suppliers make great canine life jackets. Although many dogs can naturally swim, waters can get rough so fatigue can become an issue. 

Always Have Fresh Drinking Water

Because of some of the potential contaminants that can be found in bodies of both saltwater and freshwater, it’s probably best to not allow you furry friend to drink from the ocean or lake. Instead, consider packing an ample amount of fresh drinking water for your dog and having it available for when they get thirsty. Another pro tip: try putting a non-slip mat underneath your dog’s water bowl so it doesn’t shift around too much when you’re on the move. 

Have Fun

The best thing about having a boat dog is being able to enjoy time together! After you take all the safety precautions enjoy a boat day with your pup by having some fetch toys and lounging floats on hand for your dog to enjoy. With its life jacket on, try throwing out some fetch toys or having a floating bed on the water for your furry friend to relax on, too! 

Dogs can be great boat companions, and even deserve to have a fun day out on the water sometimes, too! So whether you plan on having your pup be your regular boating companion or you just want to prepare for an occasional joy ride, these tips are sure to ensure a fun, safe, and memorable day out on the water. And when you’re ready to find the perfect boat for you and your dog to enjoy, contact us and we’ll meet all of your goals!

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