‘Tis the season for taking your beloved boat out on the water! And if you live in South Florida, that season is often longer than many other places. But, that’s why its exponentially important to properly take care of your boats in West Palm Beach. As your go-to West Palm Beach boat dealers, we’re here to provide tips and tricks for all of your West Palm beach boating adventures. Check out these tips for taking care of your boat so it lasts and continues to perform exceptionally well!

Bring Your Boat In For Maintenance Regularly

Just as you would make sure your car hasn;t missed any oil changes in a long time, it’s important to bring your boat in for regular maintenance. Whether you notice a problem with your boat or not, regular check-ins are essential to making sure your boat stays in the best shape possible and that you will be able to enjoy it longer. 

Give It A Bath Every Now And Then

While you may think that since your  boat is in the water often that it doesn’t need a good rinse and scrub, that’s just not the case! Your boat should be cleaned about once a month. While you’re there, check in on the wax of your boat, too, to make sure it doesn’t need some touch ups. 

Take Care Of It Even In The Off-Season

Even when you’re not taking it out on the water on a regular basis, it’s still critical to make sure your boat is properly cared for in the in-between months. If you boat is stored, make sure to keep it properly covered and protected. If you live in an area where winter strikes hard, make sure you’re properly winterizing your vessel. 

Just as you would bathe often, go to the doctor for regular checkups and keep safe in the WInter, it’s important that you have that same state of mind for your boat. Boats are an important investment, so taking care of your investments is a great way to ensure their longevity and quality. For more in-depth tips and tricks, reach out to our trusted Mariner Marine experts and see how we can help take care of you and all your boating goals!

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