If you love spending a day out on the water with some friendly competition then you’ve probably tried your hand at plenty of watersports! Popular watersports, lik tubing or wakeboarding, are pretty common on the water in South Florida. But have you ever heard of hydrofoiling? Or salom skiing? If you’re looking to get out on the water in your sleek Grady-White and try something new, read on for 3 unique watersports you’ve probably never heard of before! 

Salom Skiing

Whoever said two was better than one must have not known about salom skiing! Similar to regular water skiing, salom skiing kicks things up a notch by only involving one ski. With salom skiing competitions taking place across the world, this water sport is known for its obstacle courses taking place at higher speeds. Are you down for the challenge?


Uniquely known among surfers, hydrofoiling is a watersport performed while being towed from boats, too! Falling within the category of regular water skiing, hydrofoiling involves a board lifted off the water, making it appear as though your boat is floating in mid air. The special hydrofoiling board consists of the seat tower, board and foil assembly, which acts as a rudder. This odd watersport definitely looks cool, but can be challenging to get the hang of!


Have you ever thought about what skateboarding on water might look like? Well, it’ll probably look a lot like wakeskating! Basically aquatic skateboarding, wakeskating involves riders that are not bound to any board, therefore, you are able to freely maneuver your feet in any way you wish. This helps when performing tricks! The size of the board is smaller than a wakeboard but slightly larger than a skateboard. 

A day of watersports makes for the perfect day out on the water enjoying your Grady White, and whether you’re a seasoned rider or you’re looking to grow your athleticism, these unique watersports are probably some you don’t see often. Perfect for your next boat day, test out some of these exciting watersports and show off your new skills. Surely, your crew will be impressed! And when you’re ready to find the perfect boat to take out on the water to test these suggestions out, give Mariner Marine a call and we’ll be happy to help!

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