With careful planning and favorable weather conditions, it’s easy to craft a dreamy maritime picnic for your loved ones! Floating across South Florida’s sparkling blue waters is enjoyable enough – but the perfect picnic can make for an unforgettable day aboard center console fishing boats. Before you leave land, be sure to keep these following things in mind when preparing your maritime meal!

Plan Your Route

Before diving into your menu, you must first consider the route that your Palm Beach center console boat will be embarking upon. Are you going to be cruising across the water all day? Perhaps you’ll dock at a marina or drop anchor on your favorite sandbar? The course of your on-the-water adventures should define what you offer guests during your picnic aboard Jupiter boats for sale. Additionally, if making any stops throughout your route, keep in mind food and supplies that can be acquired during those visits to land.

Prep Ahead of Time

The point of sailing all day is to let go of your stress and simply soak up the beauty of the water. When planning your menu, discard any ideas that are too involved or unfeasible for preparation aboard fishing boats for sale. Then, consider if any of your meals require things like marinating or pre-slicing. Take care of as much as you can before setting sail to ensure that your picnic remains as easy as it is breezy.

High-End Fare for a High-End Occasion

Once you’re on the water, your guests deserve better than simple snacks and dreary finger foods. Every day spent on the water should be a celebration and your menu should reflect that! Ditch sandwiches in favor of high-end gourmet options like smoked salmon, charcuterie, and caviar. Plus, bring some bubbly, too! Don’t treat your picnic food like a necessity – embrace it as an occasion to celebrate friends, family, and the open water!

Offer Food and Drink Pairings

Before locking in any decisions for food and drink, don’t forget to consider which items pair well with one another. Depending on what you choose for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll want to be sure to bring along the perfect drinks to pair them with. Setting sail first thing in the morning? Sounds like your crew will be grateful for fizzy mimosas! If you plan on treating your guests to salmon for an afternoon or evening picnic, we recommend pairing it with full-bodied white wines. Before your picnic, research the foods you’d like to offer and find out which drinks pair with them best.

By putting in careful planning, the results of your picnic aboard dual console boats for sale are sure to be spectacular. Consider making a checklist to ensure that nothing is forgotten or left behind when setting sail with your family or friends! Furthermore, every on-the-water picnic is better when cruising on West Palm Beach boats for sale. To learn more about the premier boats for sale South FL offered by Mariner Marine, give us a call today! We will bring all your boating dreams to fruition.

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