Whether you’re hitting the water for a fishing-filled day or for a day of family fun watersports, boat days are where some of the best memories are made! But a day out on the water also means a lot of preparation. Read on for your trusted South Florida boat dealers’ tips for 4 easy-to-prepare foods you can pack on your next boat day. 


As long as you bring a cooler, sandwiches are great, filling food for your next boat day. Whether you prepare them in advance or you bring all the fixings to prepare it on the water, sandwiches are a great way to feed the whole crew. Throw in some lunch meat, the cheese of your choice and sliced bread, and you’re good to go!

Crackers & Chips

If you’re not craving a whole meal, you may just want something to snack on while you’re cruising. That’s where chips and crackers make the perfect addition to your boat snack bag. Crackers like Goldfish are great for the kiddos, and some barbecue chips provide the best flavor for days on the boat. 

Hot Dogs

Pre-cooked hot dogs can be a great way to add a simple yet satisfying food to your boat day festivities. While you may not be able to heat it up when you pull it out of the cooler, cold or room temperature hot dogs can still be delicious with some ketchup and mustard. 


You’ll probably want to prepare these ahead of time to avoid any mess, but wraps are a great way to provide a personalized meal to everyone embarking on your boat day journey with you. Whether it’s packed with all the veggies or filled with flavorful meats and sauces, wraps are easy, fun and thankfully handheld!

When planning a successful boat day, making sure you have all the best food options for your crew is essential! Think about who is going to be joining you and how long you will be out on the water, and then consider what foods are easy to eat, don’t require a plethora of utensils, and that will satisfy that boat day hunger! And when you’re ready to find your next dream boat for your adventures out on the water, call your ideal boat dealers in South Florida — Mariner Marine!

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