Whether you’re an avid angler or not, you probably already know that not every fish will bite all year long. There are certain seasons that are just best for catching certain fish. Here in South Florida, we have great weather year-round that fishermen and fisherwomen love. That’s why we’re highlighting the top fish you can catch this fall in our area. Just read on!

Grouper & Snapper

When looking for grouper or snapper, South Florida in the fall is the place to be! But knowing where to go fishing is vital to snag the catch you’re looking for. If you’re fishing in Jupiter or elsewhere in South Florida, look near shipwrecks or debris in the water to find this catch. 


Though they are some of the hardest fish to catch, Snook are a popular fishing target for fall fishing in South Florida. When fishing for Snook, head to places where cooler freshwater meets the warmer saltwater in the inlets and bays. 

Silver & Black Mullet

Fall is the ideal time to snag some baitfish migrating along the Atlantic Coast. The annual fall mullet run is a popular fishing experience for South Florida anglers, both offshore and inshore. The Silver & Balck Mullet make for great baitfish to catch snook, tarpon, jacks, sharks, Spanish mackerel and bluefish.

Some of the best fishing in South Florida can happen during the fall months, especially when you know what you’re looking for and where to look. Whether you’re fishing from your Jupiter boats for sale or elsewhere, fall fishing abounds! If you’re ready to find your next Jupiter center console boats for all your fishing endeavors, contact us today!

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