Whether you are someone looking to buy a boat or just spend a day surrounded by them, Boat Shows in West Palm Beach are your go-to destination for all things nautical. Every year boating enthusiasts from around the county and some from even further, flock to West Palm Beach to attend these events that showcase everything from small fishing boats to extravagant yachts.

Plan in advance

First things first, you need to check the dates for the boat show you want to attend and then confirm their venue and ticket prices.

Make sure to dress comfortably because you’re going to be walking around all day. Wearing shoes that are easy to slip off and put back on is quite crucial if you plan to look around inside the various boats. Exhibitors are careful about their displays and would prefer you to enter them with just your socks on.

It can be overwhelming and crowded

West Palm Beach boat shows like all other similar events can get very crowded. People are coming and going all through the day and like to take their time looking around all the displays. If you have a specific budget and type of boat in mind that you want, try heading to those choices earlier so that you can make your selection at ease and speak to boat brokers without being in a rush. If you don’t plan to buy a boat just yet, enjoy window shopping and keep collecting business cards from exhibitors who you may want to contact later.

Take advantage of special tickets and limited deals

Boat shows often have VIP tickets available along with the regular ones. VIP tickets are pricier but often have more perks – sometimes a specific day is allotted for VIP ticket holders so that you don’t have to wait in line to see boats or battle heavy crowds. If you are serious about buying a boat soon, you may want to invest in one of these tickets instead so that you get more time and attention from dealers who can answer all your questions.

Dealers at the boat shows are usually offering special prices and finance deals that they may not have available otherwise. If what you are interested in comes into the category of specially priced boats, you could consider making a deal right there and then avail yourself the opportunity!

Beyond the boats

Aside from all the boats on display, boat shows in West Palm Beach often have a variety of booths where you will come across vendors marketing boat rentals, boat accessories, marinas, and all other things associated with being out on the water.

Refreshment bars and snack kiosks are also set up so whenever you’re overwhelmed or just need to rest your feet for a bit, find a spot and take a break with something to eat or sip on.

If you have any questions about boat shows in West Palm Beach or just want to speak to an expert about what you are planning to go for, call us at the Mariner Marine and we will be happy to help!

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