People around the world have been fishing for thousands of years and where once it was only for a matter of survival, now it has evolved into a hobby or sport for fun as well. Fishing is a great way for you to embrace nature, enjoy your boat, and bond with family or friends while you’re out at the water together.

And even though you may have been fishing for years, there are probably a few things about it that you may have never heard of before. So here are 10 interesting fishing facts that are sure to excite and astound you:

Biggest Record Fish Caught

We hear headlines every day about different species of fish breaking records after being caught around the country by various anglers. However, the biggest fish ever caught on record remains a 2,664-pound great white shark that was caught in 1959 by Alfred Dean of Irymple, Victoria. He managed to catch this giant creature by using a porpoise as bait on a 130-pound line, all within a matter of 50 minutes!

Fastest Fish in the World

Most experts around the world would agree that a sailfish is most likely the fastest fish in the world today. This was determined after a sailfish managed to go from zero to 60 mph within 2.6 seconds, taking out 300 feet of line with it. A sailfish is easily recognizable with an enormous sail on its back and can measure up to 10-feet and 200 pounds.

The Most Popular Form of Fishing
Fly fishing is now known as the most popular style of fishing. When using this technique, the lightweight bait – resembling a fly – is presented on top of the water’s surface to show as if a bug or insect has just landed in the water. Fly rods and reels are very different from traditional fishing poles and are also usually much longer. Fly fishing is an active form of fishing and adventure seekers enjoy the thrill it brings.

Plenty of Fish at Sea
Although you may be accustomed to seeing fish all the time as a constant angler, how much do you really know about the various species that swim under the different waters of the world? Did you know that there are over 20,000 fish species that have been recorded thus far but more than half the ocean remains unexplored so there is a fair chance there are so many more species we still aren’t familiar with!

Last But Not The Least
Something that might seem very trivial but accounts for a whole lot of money is ice. Yes, you read that right, ice! Did you know anglers around the world invest more than 300 million dollars each year to buy ice to preserve fish longer?

So, how’s that for some fishing facts that you may have not known before? If you are looking to up your fishing game and are searching for fishing boats for sale in South Florida, contact us at Mariner Marine and we may just have a Grady-White calling your name!

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