Along with learning how to operate your new boat, learning the basics of maintaining it properly are also an essential part of becoming a successful new boater. As you become an experienced boater, you will be able to quickly and easily identify the parts of your vessel and any problems that may arise. Initially, however, taking care of your boat and giving attention to all its various components may seem a bit overwhelming – but don’t get too worried, eventually you’ll know exactly what to do!

Here are some of the most basic boat maintenance tips for you to learn as a new boater:

Routine Inspection of Your Engine

Keeping a close eye on your engine is one of the most basic yet essential steps of boat maintenance. You must always check the oil and whenever its running low, give it a top-up to prevent your engine from giving you trouble in the future. Your engine will remain stronger and run longer if your oil remains full as opposed to reaching low levels.

Check your manual to see full instructions on how frequently to change the oil and what type to use so that your boat can keep performing well. 

Along with this, you should also lubricate all moving parts with an anti-corrosive and keep a watch for corrosion on fuel lines and clamps as well. 

Regular Washing and Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your boat plays such an important role in maintaining the way it looks and runs. Washing your boat after every use will help prolong its finish and keep the metals safe from corrosion. Mold and mildew can also easily accumulate over time but cleaning your vessel routinely will make sure that all your boat’s components remain safe from damage and decay. 

Maintaining and Repairing Upholstery 

Saltwater, mold, mildew, and dirt can very quickly deteriorate your boat’s upholstery. The more you delay wiping down your boat’s seats, the harder they will become to clean. Due to regular wear and tear, rips and discoloration may occur on the seats as well. Inspecting the upholstery, cleaning it regularly, and repairing damages as soon as they occur will keep your boat’s interior looking as good as new.

Keep a Check on the Propeller 

The propeller needs to constantly be checked for any signs of damage – even the slightest dents could cause your engine to run through extra fuel. Over time it is natural for paint to chip but if there are damages bigger than that, you need to get it repaired immediately for your boat to remain safe and functional.

Fishing lines and debris can also get wrapped around the propellers quite often. These should be immediately checked out and removed as they can cause gear-case leaks and other problems. Bent blades are yet another cause for concern as they can come in the way of your boat’s performance. 

If you are looking for boats for sale in Wellington and want to know all about their various maintenance needs, talk to us at Mariner Marine and our experienced crew will guide you through the process!

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