Although in some places the ice remains thick, and the winter breeze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere – in other places the first signs of springs have started to arrive already. Eager anglers already have their boats coming out of winter storage and are getting all geared up for the fishing season ahead.

Compared to fishing in the summer and fall months, spring fishing can still get a bit challenging at times and requires you to be mindful of the right time of the day to head out in, what spots to hit and what kind of tackle to use.

Here are a few fishing tips that could help make your upcoming trips smooth, successful, and most importantly, fun!

Check the weather Before Making Plans

With the weather still flip-flopping in quite a lot of places, you want to make sure to pick a day that’s comparatively warmer because early season fish prefer warmer water. That said, you also want to be careful about weather changes while you are out in the water. When it comes to South Florida waters, it doesn’t take too long for a sunny day to suddenly grow dark. Not only can this change in the weather ruin your fishing prospects but it can also be dangerous if you are out at sea. Make sure to always keep on board extra gear, tarp, safety, and navigational devices, as well as a first aid kit for unfavorable times on your boat!

Start Slow and Simple

You are probably excited to get all your rods and rigs out in the water to get your taste of thrill as the season starts but you may not need so much as you start at this time of the year. Don’t overwhelm yourself and don’t tire yourself too soon. Keep your technique, pace, and equipment all simple and enjoy an easy start to the season ahead. 

Do Some Research on the Right Spots

Before heading out for the first time this fishing season, make sure to scope out the right spots so that you don’t end up wasting too much time. An experienced fishing partner or friend may be able to guide you, or you could equip yourself with a navigational GPS and fish finder that could help you figure out what’s underneath and when to drop a line. Save fishing locations on your device to remember for the next time you are heading out.

Know what kind of fish you may come across 

Having the knowledge of what kind of species, you may come across at this time of the year while offshore fishing, can be a great asset. Not only will you know what type of bait and techniques to use but will also know how much of a challenge you may have awaiting you. Being prepared in every sense is the most essential part of getting geared up for a brand new fishing season!

At Mariner Marine, we can help you find the right fishing boats for sale in South Florida to start this season with. Talk to our team to learn more about our inventory and services.

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