With the Spring season setting in, most of us find ourselves quite comfortable saying goodbye to a cold winter and have already started enjoying the warm sunshine and light breeze around us. It’s an ideal time to be outdoors, especially if you own a boat. Whether you are planning your first solo boat trip of the season or getting together a group of friends to enjoy a day out on the water – you just need to make sure to pack some of the essentials needed to make it an ultimate boat day!

Fully Stocked Cooler

No trip is complete without your favorite beverages and snacks at hand. As you prepare for your trip, make sure to pack enough food and drinks to keep you and your company hydrated and full. Along with other beverages, make sure to stock up on enough water because being under the open sun for hours at a stretch can make you thirstier than you would think! Pack food that’s easy to eat and doesn’t require heating while onboard – sandwiches, wraps and sliders are easy to store and eat. Don’t forget to keep some trail mix and energy bars if you plan to be adventurous and will need an energy boost midway!

Sunscreen and Appropriate Gear 

Chances are you have already checked the weather forecast before planning your day out on your boat, but it doesn’t take much for circumstances to change sometimes. Sudden thunderstorms and rising temperatures can make your perfect boat day a bit less than ideal if you are unprepared. It’s always a smart idea to keep a supply of sunscreen onboard so that you can protect yourself from getting sunburnt. It’s also essential to have a light jacket or some waterproof outer layers with you in case you get caught in rain.

A Playlist and Some Books

If you are planning a boat day that involves friends and adventure, chances are you won’t really need any reading material on board – but in case you plan to go by yourself, this would be the perfect environment to immerse yourself into a new book that you’ve been waiting to read. And whether you plan to be on your own or with a group of people, some good music is always enjoyable to have onboard. Pack your Bluetooth speaker and make a playlist of your favorite songs – as upbeat as you want or as relaxing as you desire.

Water Toys and Accessories

Relaxing on your boat under the warm sun and sipping on a cool drink is quite an ideal scenario but if you want to make the most of your time out with your family or friends, it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared for some water activities too. Towable tubes, wakeboards, water skis, and floating rafts are all great ways to keep yourself and your company entertained while you make the most out of your day in and on the water. Just make sure to have enough lifejackets and safety floatation devices onboard for emergency purposes. 

Fishing Gear

If you are a passionate angler and your ultimate day on the boat involves some thrilling fishing adventures, then don’t forget to keep your fishing gear ready. You’ll need your fishing reel and rods along with a well-stocked tackle box and your GPS fish-finder device to help you pick the perfect spots to drop a line!

If you’ve been looking forward to planning some boat days for the year ahead but still are searching for boats for sale in Wellington, come see us at Mariner Marine so we can help you find the perfect boat to start your journey with! 

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