With temperatures rising as the Spring season kicks in, you can expect lots of action in the deep sea as hungry fish begin to get active while they search around for food. If you’ve been waiting to start your angling adventures for the year, there’s never been a better time to hit the open waters. Many species are known to be spawning this season and for anglers, that means plenty of hungry fish ready to bite on whatever baits that come their way.

The thrill and action of deep-sea fishing is something anglers eagerly await – especially when the cold winter months have been keeping them away from the water. Now that the tackle boxes are stocked up and the offshore fishing boats have been dewinterized and are ready to hit the ocean, anglers can look forward to some exciting excursions ahead.

Some of the common species you’ll come across this season are:

Mahi Mahi

If you’ve been hoping to land a big-sized Mahi Mahi, this is the time to start your search. The Spring Mahi Mahi are some of the largest ones of the year and they like to lurk around ready to jump on the hungry schools of fish that are out looking for food. Like Dolphins, Mahi Mahi tend to hang around near the surface of the water and are easily distinguishable with their bright green and blue colors. 


Mostly popular all year round, the Spring Wahoo are plentiful and if that’s what you are gearing up for, you can be confident to land a bite this season. These fish promise you a thrilling angling session and you’ll have to stay on your toes to keep up.


Florida’s official state saltwater fish, Sailfish are known for their high, acrobatic jumps and are an offshore fishing favorite. Their dorsal fin that resembles a sail, attributes towards their name and they are gray and blue in color. 


Grouper season officially opens in April and these species are mostly found offshore, near rocky bottomed areas. Fisherman can chase a variety of Groupers, with Black Groupers and Red Groupers being some of the angler favorites this season. Since these fish are primarily bottom dwellers, they present a unique and thrilling challenge that anglers love to take on. 

Red Snapper

This specie is one of the most popular game fish in the Atlantic Ocean and they are known to be found predominantly around Florida. Anglers enjoy fishing for these as they are almost always willing to bite on any bait that comes their way. Their pink and red color makes them easy to distinguish them from other deep-water species. 


If you want a real challenge and thrilling start to the season, this species will set you right up for that. Snook are very sensitive to changes in water temperature and can mostly be found in warmer waters. They are fiercely strong and can keep you busy for a long stretch of time if you’re ready to take them on. 

Make sure you have your batteries charged and navigational devices all set up for the season. It doesn’t take long for the weather to change in Florida, especially when you are out deep-sea fishing so make sure you have extra gear and essentials onboard when you are ready to head out. 

But if you haven’t yet found your dream vessel for the season ahead, come talk to our expert crew at Mariner Marine and we will help you look through the fishing boats for sale in South Florida. Whatever your requirements are, our team can efficiently guide you through the whole process!

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